Tom Chantry Released on $250,000 Bond Prior to Third Trial

Tom Chantry was released on $250,000 bond on 3/3/2022, and a Scheduling Conference took place on 3/4/2022.  The conditions and order of his release are in the following documents.  I do not yet have documentation from the Scheduling Conference and will post when I have them and/or a date for the trial.

I have added the following documents to the ARBCA and Tom Chantry Document Walk-through.

#50 Order Under Advisement Ruling (3/1/2022)

This is the order setting the conditions for Tom Chantry’s release prior to the third trial.  It is a short document, so I have included most of it in the quote below.


  1. The State has proven that there is proof evident, presumption great that the Defendant is guilty of the charges pursuant to A.R.S § 13-3961 and Ariz R. Crim P. 7.2(b)(2)(A).
  2. The State has not met its burden under A.R.S § 13-3961(D) and Rule 7.2(b)(2)(B) and 7.2(b)(3) that there is clear and convincing evidence that the Defendant poses a substantial danger to the victim, any other person or the community considering the factors enumerated in Rule 7.2(b)(3).
  3. The State has failed to prove that there are no combinations of release conditions that will reasonably assure the safety of an individual or the community per Rule 7.2(b)(2)(C).

THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED Defendant’s release conditions shall be modified as follows:

  1. Bond is set at $250,000 cash or secured.
  2. Defendant is not to apply for a passport.
  3. If Defendant posts bond, he shall be released to Pretrial Services.  He must report to Pretrial Services upon release; no later than 48 hours after release.
  4. Defendant may reside in Illinois pending trial but must provide his residential address to Pretrial Services.
  5. Defendant shall not have any contact with any minors under the age of 15, with the exception that he may have supervised contact with his children.
  6. Defendant shall not be within 100 yards of a school or educational facility, daycare or day camp facility.
  7. Defendant must check-in weekly with Pretrial Services from a designated landline.
  8. Defendant shall have no contact with victims, witnesses, or arresting officers.”

#51 Order of Release (3/3/2022)

This is the order notifying the Court that bond has been posted, ordering Tom Chantry’s release prior to the third trial, and confirms a Scheduling Conference for 3/4/2022.  It is a short document, so I have included the text in the quote below.

“The Court has been advised by the Clerk of the Court that a cash/surety bond in the amount of $250,000.00 has been posted at the Clerk’s Office this date on the Defendant’s behalf.  Therefore,

IT IS ORDERED releasing the Defendant from custody.

The court confirms the Scheduling Conference set for Friday, March 4, 2022 at 4:30p.m. in Division 4.”

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