Tom Chantry’s Case Was Sent to the AZ Supreme Court for Review

On February 25, 2021 the Court of Appeals reversed Thomas Chantry’s convictions and sentences for four counts of child molestation and remanded the matter for a new trial because the convictions were obtained with the use of impermissible “other act” evidence.  This document can be viewed here:

On March 26, 2021 the prosecuting attorney filed a petition for review by the AZ Supreme Court, and the case was sent to the AZ Supreme Court. 

The case # in the Court of Appeals is 1 CA-CR 190427.  It can be viewed here (scroll to State v. Chantry): or here (launches document):

The case # in the AZ Supreme Court is CR-21-0120-PR.  It can be viewed here (scroll to State of Arizona v. Thomas Jonathan Chantry): or here (launches document):

Here is a link to the AZ Supreme Court Schedule.  At the time of this writing, Tom Chantry’s case is not yet on the schedule.

At present Tom Chantry remains in prison.  You can check his status on the Inmate Datasearch by searching for his Inmate Number (338181) or name.

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