AZ Supreme Court Denied Prosecutor’s Petition for Review of Tom Chantry’s Case

I have added the following Document to the ARBCA and Tom Chantry Document Walk-through.

#46 STATE v. CHANTRY Appellate Case Information (1/4/2022)

The AZ Supreme Court Denied the Prosecutor’s Petition for Review of Tom Chantry’s Case.  It is my understanding that the case will now go back to the lower court for a new trial.  If the victim is unable to go through a third trial, I think that will be the end of the case and Tom Chantry will be released.  Please note that verdict by the AZ Court of Appeals and the AZ Supreme Court’s denial of the Petition for Review are rulings regarding the trial and not the innocence or guilt of Tom Chantry.  Also, neither affect the convictions from Tom Chantry’s first trial.

The case # in the Court of Appeals is 1 CA-CR 190427.  It can be viewed here (scroll to State v. Chantry): or here (launches document):

You can check Tom Chantry’s status on the Inmate Datasearch by searching for his Inmate Number (338181) or name.

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