Al Huber

This walk-through focuses on Al Huber and his involvement with ARBCA and Tom Chantry.  He is pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Rockford, IL and father-in-law of Tom Chantry.

#1 Al Huber, ARBCA & Timeline of Events

This document is an abbreviated version of the ARBCA & Timeline of Events timeline specific to Al Huber regarding what we can ascertain from the currently available documentation.

#2 Email from Don Lindblad to Steve Marquedant titled “A Possible Approach to MVBC” dated 9/4/2015

“There are three churches which have monitored Tom over the past 14 years (Tacoma, Kirkland, Rockford),” [Fourth paragraph] Note: Dale Smith and Al Huber pastor of GRBC in Rockford, IL.

#3 ARBCA Announcement (4/2017)

This is the statement ARBCA released at the 2017 General Assembly. 

AC Members: *Steve Martin* (Coordinator), Earl Blackburn (Chairman), *Jeff Massey* (Vice Chairman), *Larry Vincent*, *John Giarrizzo*, *David Dykstra*, Bob Curley, Al Huber, Michael Kelly, *Brandon Smith* (Secretary), and *Rob Cosby* (Treasurer). [Spring 2016 ARBCA Update]  Note: GRBC was noted as one of the churches that monitored Tom, but it is unknown if Al Huber received either Level 1 or Level 2 Reports.

#4 Transcript of Don Lindblad’s Telephone Interview (3/21/2018)

This is the transcript of the telephone interview of Don Lindblad by the prosecutor Susan Eazer.  

LINDBLAD: He tracked Tom down at Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Rockford [Al Huber, pastor], that’s where Tom was at the time.”

EAZER: Wait – wait – wait, I thought Tom didn’t go to any church before Hales Corner [sic]?

LINDBLAD: Well no, he moved back east, I mean he moved to Illinois, uhm, and worked at the school there in Chicago for what, several years but then he was called to Hales Corners.

[page 76, lines 18-22, and 77, lines 1-4]

EAZER: And what – what school was he workin’ at?

LINDBLAD: Uh, Christian Liberty Academy I think is it – it’s called in Chicago.

EAZER: Do you know when he began there?

LINDBLAD: Well, uh, he had trouble finding employment in Tacoma and so he was her a year and a half, more or less, a little more, so I think it was fall of, uh, 2002.

[Page 77, lines 15-22

#5 Transcript of Tom Chantry’s Sentencing (7/19/2019)

This is the transcript from Tom Chantry’s sentencing on 7/19/2019.  Al Huber: page 16, line 7 to page 20, line 10.  The names of the victims have been changed to pseudonyms.

Al Huber

I want you to understand that I’m not — I’m not trying to argue for Tom’s innocence in this case.” [Page 17, lines 3-5]

“And so my argument before you, Your Honor, along with the things I mentioned in my letter, is that Tom is not — since he’s left Arizona, he’s not demonstrated the same kind of things that I’ve heard of in this courtroom. As you know, I sat through the first trial and I’ve heard all of these things, and it seems a whole different Tom Chantry than what I’ve experienced for 16 plus years, what our whole family and all of us have experienced.” [Page 18, lines 12-20]

“And if I thought, Your Honor, that Tom was any danger to children in the future, I would not stand up here and plead on his behalf. I wouldn’t do that for anything.” [Page 18, lines 24-25 and page 19, lines 1-2]

“And so I honestly believe whatever he did in the past, something has changed. He’s not the same man through what we’ve seen in our experience, and so I do believe people change, and Tom is not that man anymore and we’ve all seen it,” [Page 19, lines 3-7]

“So I just wanted you to know these things, and then just to say in closing, Your Honor, that because of these things, I believe Tom is not the typical sex offender that you might sentence in a case like this, and II don’t believe that this — that you need to give him the maximum.” [Page 19, lines 20-25]

“So I ask you to give him as minimal a sentence as you can. Thank you.” [Page 20, lines 9-10]

Judge Astrowsky

First, the defendant is correct when he stated that the sentence won’t fix things.  Nothing that the Court does today is going to undo the harm to the Jones family or the Walsh family. Nothing that the Court does today is going to make anything better, whatever sentence the Court imposes today is shy of the duration, length and weight of the impact upon those affected by the events that occurred. So I agree with that.” [Page 66, lines 21-25 to page 67, lines 1-3]

“When the defendant indicated in his allocution that he’s the only person that knows the truth, that is inaccurate, because as to their particular events that occurred to them, Jane, Wayne and Mark know the truth. When the defendant said that he is alone and defenseless, that is not accurate. He’s represented. He is alone in terms of he will be the one that will be serving the sentence, but who actually was alone and defenseless was Mark Jones. When Mark Jones was being abused by the defendant, he was alone and he was a child and he was defenseless.” [Page 67, lines 4-14]

“The church council was ill-equipped to do this type of investigation. They should have involved the police at that time, as should have others. Unfortunately, that didn’t occur.” [Page 68, lines 2-5]

“When you consider Mark Jones’s testimony, it is not unusual when someone’s testifying, whether it be 2018 or 2019, about events that occurred in the mid nineties to not be a hundred percent accurate on the fringes or the details. The gravamen of what happened was consistent and adds to Mark Jones’s credibility from the Court’s point of view.” [Page 69, lines 4-10]

“Well, we have to go a little bit deeper than that, because why did Mark lash out at his brother and/or his parents? It’s because of you. It’s because of what you did. I am not trying to make the Jones family feel bad. They already do. I am not going to talk about what they should or shouldn’t have done. They understand that and they’re dealing with it right now and will deal with it perhaps for the rest of their lives. But Mark has behaved in the way he has behaved not because he’s a bad person or a jerk or bad brother or bad son. It’s because of you and what you did.” [Page 69, lines 23-25 to page 70, lines 1-8]

“One of the things that struck me during Mark Jones’s testimony is that even though we had an adult testifying on the stand, that wasn’t an adult testifying. That was — he was back as a child, talking as a child. I think that was pretty clear and remarkable. So emotional harm to the victim.” [Page 73, lines 8-13]

“The defendant took advantage of his position of trust and authority. He used his role as pastor – he knew that Mark came from a strict religious family — to convince the child that he deserved the abuse; it was God’s will and the child would suffer eternally if he resisted and/or told anyone. The defendant manipulated the victim’s parents so that he could be alone with the child.” [Page 73, lines 8-15]

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